Corporate Services

Flexibile Solutions to Meet Corporate Patrons’ Needs

The Your Concierge Connection staff understands your time is valuable. Our team is always available to help with your professional as well as your personal needs. You can contact our concierge staff in-person, by phone or through email. Requests are monitored around the clock. Our valued clients can select which platform to receive follow-up information and confirmations. Whichever method of communication you prefer; all clients will receive the same level of service and personal attention from our team of concierge professionals.

Communications and requests are monitored around the clock. Patrons can select which platform to receive follow-up information and confirmations. No matter the level of technology, patrons will still receive the assurance of our staff’s personal attention.

In-person: Your Concierge Connection staff will be on-site at a centrally-located concierge desk and be available for consultation on either a walk-in or appointment basis.

Text/mobile: Patrons can request services or receive follow-up information via SMS or text messages at their request. All requests receive a follow-up confirmation that the request was received.

Web portal: Patrons can log into the Your Concierge Connection web portal to view a menu of services, submit a special request or make a payment arrangement. The portal is mobile-responsive and can be accessed by computer, tablet or smart phone.

Phone: YCC staff are available by calling our concierge desk with forwarding to mobile phones for convenient access. When the desk is closed, an answering service will alert on-call staff of emergencies or time-sensitive matters.

eMail: Requests can be submitted through eMail in both the mobile & desktop environments.

Mobile Payments: A fully secure mobile payments system is available on request.

On-Site Concierge Services

On site Concierge Staff

In-person, by eMail, by phone or SMS/text contact

Priority Restaurant Reservations

Tenant Lobby Events

Special & Sporting Event Tickets

24/7 Security presence and availability

Event Catering and Planning services

Gifts & Gift Baskets

Corporate Gifts

Personal Services


Language Interpretation

Floral Arrangements

Contact Preferences

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