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Your Concierge Connection

YCC is a world-class concierge service invested in the long-term satisfaction of your clients. We are a property-integrated service, meaning we’re dedicated to providing holistic experiences for customers and ongoing assistance and solutions for your vendors. We manage special events, executive transportation, dinner reservations, and all traditional concierge needs—and we go above and beyond with value-add services like foot-traffic marketing, event planning and coordination, social media assistance, and other custom solutions we make possible with our expert staff of trained hospitality professionals.

We’ve been providing concierge and guest services for large retail shopping centers across the midwestern US for years. Property owners know the difference we make: tenants see more value in a property that actively services them, and customers return when your property is a must-see attraction.

Retail guest services include the following:

  • Concierge desk staffing and management
  • Gift card facilitation and management
  • Tourist information
  • Complimentary wheelchair service
  • Restaurant recommendations and reservations
  • Street team marketing services
  • Store information and distribution of retail maps
  • Transportation services
  • Lost-and-found management
  • Execution of internal marketing programs
  • Media relations and local press outreach
  • Assist with special events and social media management

Your Concierge Connection Provides these Specialized Services

Grand Openings and Special Events

YCC can run any event at any scale. We hand-select and train our talent based on the needs of each specific event with consideration for the property, number of guests, and type of event. But our event services don’t stop at planning, catering, production, décor, entertainment, transportation, luxury valet, staffing, and management. We provide solutions that will elevate the experience to create an event that is unforgettable for guests. 

Read about how YCC provided customer service training to over 200 employees and 80 ambassadors during the grand opening festival for Downtown Summerlin.

Animated gif of YCC staff members

Concessions and Facilities Management

Your unique attractions and facilities bring in guests. But staffing, ongoing training, payroll, uniforms, reservation scheduling, stocking, and regular maintenance can be a burden. YCC is ready to step in to not only run all day-to-day operations on your property, but also provide custom solutions to improve and innovate on your guest attractions.

Our clients have trusted YCC with their concessions management for years, including high-volume concierge desks and valet services. When COVID-19 began, we made all of the necessary changes to protocol such as converting an ice rink into “bumper cars on ice,” which kept the attraction running and continued to bring in guests who saw the property as safe and inviting.

Image of YCC night activity

Social Media Management

As part of YCC’s commitment to integrate with your property, we coordinate with your marketing teams to help execute social media strategies that will promote engagement and drive traffic. We train ambassadors who work directly with tenants to create custom content, a service that helps them to feel valued as a member of your property’s community. When you bring on YCC, we bring our knowledge of social media management for retail spaces and general property attraction.

image of YCC employee

Surprise and Delight

  • Team members surprise guests with popsicles and lemonade during the hot summer months.  
  • We partner with valet parking staff to put candy canes and ice scrapers on cars.
  • We create a selfie booth on the property with our concierge staff taking pictures to send to guests.
  • We distribute coupon books on the property that are tied to the merchants and raise funds for charity.
YCC employees at an event

Guest attraction and retention is ongoing work, which is why we don’t stop at event staffing and simple concierge services. We train our staff to surprise and delight guests with unexpected events and activities that make them feel cared for, invited to stay, and excited to return.

YCC will dispatch team members throughout the property to engage customers with promotions, such as handing out gifts and prizes. Here are some examples of how we service customers:

Charitable Events

YCC will always find opportunities to work with charity organizations and create opportunities to do good for the community, including running blood drives and full-scale fundraisers.

Read about some of the past events we’ve run for charity:

Image of a shop

Charitable Events

The Chelsea Hicks Foundation
The Chelsea Hicks Foundation brings joy to children who are fighting a chronic illness—they give children the chance to be a real superhero! The concierge office supplied a costume donation bin as well as collected donations. Over the years, we’ve held breakfast events (Breakfast With The Bunny, Monster Mash, Breakfast With Santa) and all proceeds went to the Foundation.

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YCC is ready to elevate your property to best serve you, your tenants, and your guests.

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